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Model: GIALNF/6245
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Tube bait insecticide NET GR 10 content with beccucio DOSER.
Delete the entire colony quickly!

Even ants, often seemingly innocuous-looking below, can cause serious damage in environments where they have access. Some invade buildings and, supported by robust Mandibles, nest in the wood of the beams, the Windows and door jambs, of baseboards, under floors, in the cracks of the walls, causing extensive damage to structures. Others can lead to short circuits in electrical and electronic equipment. Sometimes, attracted by food residues can cause disease and transmit pathogens (e.g., bacteria of the Pseudomonas gneri, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Cloristridium) in hospitals, nursing homes, kitchens, canteens, in the industries of preparation and packaging of foods. Some are aggressive and, if harassed, are also capable of biting of. A few ants, although annoying, they produce actually damage almost irrelevant: is always a large number of individuals who make up the anthill to create real problems.
For their adaptability and speed of reproduction, if undisturbed, the ants may form large colonies quickly: in order to prevent the onset of massive infestations, is then quite obvious the importance of keeping under control and eliminate nests. Insecticidal baits sonop articolarmente useful purpose.
Gel bait ready to use for the control of ants. The product contains the active substance Bifenthrin, piretroide with low vapor pressure and favorable toxicological profile. Ants, attracted by the bait, the ingest and, approaching, impregnating remain; following their death and, as a result of contamination, the destruction of the entire colony within 24 hours.

Terms of use
Apply drops of product, the size of a pea, the path of the ants, along the walls, into the cracks, crevices, in wall cracks, on the baseboard at the entrance of their nests. Do not apply assurbenti surfaces, surfaces that are cleaned or washed frequently and in places where both probibabile the mechanical removal of the product. If necessary, repeat the application after 15/20 days or more often if the gel has been completely eaten.