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Bait ratticida ready to use beans.
Available in various formats which can be selected from the drop down menu.


The active ingredient of all is the Necorat baits Brodifacum, anticoagulant cumarinico of "second generation" today considered among those most effective: the increased toxicity to mice and rats reduces the chances of assuefattivi phenomena, while ensuring sufficient selectivity can create a safety margin
in respect of other animal species.

The distrust is really the proverbial mouse: If you notice in the smell of man lures the eviterebberoed the result of the treatment would be consequently undermined. As well as for reasons of hygiene, it is therefore very important that, durwnte their positioning, ratticide baits are never touched with bare hands! For this reason the pusizionare lures in small piles (Necorat Necorat grains and pellets) were packed in plastic bottles, while those at bocconi (Necorat and Necorat Paste Wax), bait should be placed on individually, has been included in an original and comfortable case tweezers. Compared to ordinary latex gloves, hardly reusable already after the first use, the pliers ensures its function until the product.

Enhanced palatability
Contrary to what you might believe, the mice are very discerning Diners: for their elimination, not just deploy ratticide any bait, but the same must be attractive and appealing. The careful selection of raw materials and flavourings in Necorat lures ensures this fundamental condition, particularly important in places where food alternatives are present.

Bollard of distinctive blue coloration and ingest
For children, the real danger of ratticide bait isn't so much accidental intake of a single bite, since the repeat the action until the lethal dose. Added to all the bait Necorat, without compromising the attractiveness for the rodents, the denatoio benzoate, bitter substance entry for this "in the guinness book of records", has the purpose of discouraging, since first tasting, more hiring and thus ensure greater security in the domestic space application. Caution: the ratticide baits are still of poisons and therefore must be used taking the maximum preucazioni. Carefully read the warnings indicated on the packaging.
An additional safety factor is the blue coloring of all the bait that allows, without the possibility of errors, to more easily distinguish them from food and livestock.
Colorants used do not stain surfaces, also important feature especially in interior applications.

Composition – 0.0025% Brodifacoum, Denatonium benzoate 0.0010% appetisers, substances, preservatives and colourings.

Features – Necorat grani is a ratticida-bait Rodenticide use of small dimensions and therefore easily ingiribile even by domestic mice, as well as sewer rats or surmolotti, black or barn rats and mice or voles campaigns. Congranaglie and formulated mixtures of cereals, grains Necorat is particularly recommended for indoor applications. Acts by ingestion has anticoagulant. Without painful agony, death comes for internal bleeding within a few days: taken from the sense of suffocation mice and rats are the air going to die outside, away from their dens, without arousing suspicion in them.

Terms of use – lay the bait in places normally frequented by the rodents: houses, cellars, attics, roofs, garbage sites, barns, warehouses, holds of ships, ditches, canals, gardens. In the barns, place the bait between the beams and the roof. Replenish the bait until the Gophers continue to eat it. In the presence of pets it is advisable to protect the product beneath roof tiles, boxes, plates, or better, with the appropriate distributor Necorat Dispenser (available in our store).