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Model: ISRCFG/H00061
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The MOSQUITAIRE works electrically, does not emit noxious fumes, smells or noise.
Can always remain lit during the entire period of presence of Tiger mosquitoes.
The special essence welcome to the Tiger mosquito is already included in the package.
Supplied power cord 8 meters long with 12 volt transformer.
Protects an area up to 200 SQUARE METERS and is suitable for Home Interiors, gardens, terraces, offices, restaurants, hotels,
public places, workplaces. It is also ecological, silent, harmless to people and pets and not catch butterflies or ladybugs.

The only machine specialized for catching Tiger mosquitoes and sandflies are active during the day.


How does that work
Odorous substance, which reproduces the emanations of the human skin, attracts Tiger mosquitoes.
A very quiet exhaust fan (only 4 watts of power) the captures and imprisons in a retina, where die after about 12-24 hours for disitradazione.
Mosquitoes are approaching the Mosquitaire because they feel like a human body.

Biogents Mosquitaire trap captures the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti and related species) present in the Mediterranean area and in tropical and areesubtropicali, where it can transmit dengue fever or lachikungunya. Unlike other species, you can capture the zanzaratigre, active in the daytime, even without the help of carbon dioxide. Just the odorous substance Biogents Sweetscent (available as a spare part in our store) that mimics the smell of human skin. You can, however, increase the rate of catturaaggiungendor the CO2 with CO2 Biogents Upgrade Kit available at our store in case where, for example, if you wanted to catch even the common mosquito epotenziare mosquito capture Tiger.


  • Hard plastic trap
  • Settles on the ground
  • It has a diameter of approximately 38 CM and a height of about 21 CM
  • Does not work with flammable gases such as propane and butane
  • Consumes little (12 V, 4 W) and is safe
  • Great capture rate
  • Targeted capture: capture not beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees, and ladybugs
  • Environmentally friendly: the total absence of insecticides
  • Is economical and easy to maintain

Package contents
A Biogents Mosquitaire, two networks of capture, a 12V transformer, a fragrant Sweetscent substance with a duration of two months.


The mosquito as it finds its prey? What prevents it?

For more than twelve years dr. Martin Geier, and some of his colleagues, of the Institute of Zoology
at the University of Regensburg in Germany, we are dedicated to answering this question
deceptively simple: analysed the sources of odor and different substances,
observed the behavior of mosquitoes in experimental situations and different habitats,
recognized over time key factors and were finally able to comprehend
the behavior of these dangerous vectors of diseases.

One important purpose of research has always been the practical application of the results obtained.
In this case, then, the goal was to develop better methods to combat
mosquitoes in a targeted manner and with intelligence.
Therefore, in 2002, dr. Martin Geier and dr. Andreas Rose, his colleague, founded the company Biogents.
The Biogents, with its 14 employees, fixed enjoys today excellent reputation.

The company's activities are focused on two areas: the development and production of mosquito traps and high-performance consulting services concerning substances attractive to mosquitoes and other similar products.
The field of research and development will continue in the future the focus of Biogents, whose researchers and technicians
dedicated to develop and continuously enhance both their skills and the quality of the products.

About the field of products, Biogents develops and manufactures patented mosquito traps
and other bloodsucking insects, which, compared to other devices, turn out to be much more effective.
Therefore, the company is currently involved in a project testing the use of traps Biogents
in the fight against dengue fever – project funded by the World Bank, the Bill and Melida Gates and various Brazilian public institutions.

The Biogents product range spans from the appliances used by researchers worldwide,
from health authorities and other professionals to traps used by private consumers.