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Guards for armouring of doors and Windows, scuretti and Persian-specific.

Blindy Anti-Burglary is the answer to the need for a safe house.
Applied to the blinds, blinds, Windows, doors or to allow for weak point of the fixture.

The hinges of shutters and blinds are generally initiated and easily removable from the outside,
Anti burglary rostrum meets blindy this lack and makes sure doors and inviolable even without hinges.

Applied inside the dark, the "nailed" the wall ensuring remarkable resistance to burglary
external hinge on the wall.

Each pack of Anti-Burglary Blindy contains:

  • 2 angular steel supports with adjustment slots;
  • 2 flat steel plates to apply to the wall;
  • 2 wedge-shaped steel Pins;
  • 1 cardboard template for easy installation;
  • Screws and plugs for installation:
    The package includes screws for wooden Windows.
    For other frames use autofilettenti screws of 5.5 MM diameter max.

The BLINDY Anti-Burglary-resistant steel are made with
protective treatment by Cataphoresis.

With Blindy shutters and scuretti can be armored vehicles!

Blindy, l'anti-scasso

With Blindy ® blinds and scuretti can be armored vehicles!

BLINDY is synonymous with safety.
In fact, applied to the inside of the shutter, the "nail" the wall ensuring remarkable resistance to burglary dellacerniera outside wall.
BLINDY is synonymous with practicality because always ready to get in on the action because it is installed directly on the door.
BLINDY is ideal for doors that sebbeneabbiano already installed a triple safety clasp with auctions, have their weak point nellecerniere wall side. Blindy acts in weaknesses rendendoinespugnabile the window.
In these cases cannot be applied because the BlindySbarra lock-door hook fails to override the lock astedella.
Con Blindy persiane e scuretti possono essere blindati.
Material: iron with black Cataphoresis.
Screws and plugs for installation.
Assembly instructions.
With the Blindy shutter is "nailed" to the wall!
Con Blindy lo scuretto �
Blindy is easy
to install!

Blindy is equipped with a handy Template that simplifies the application.
Installazione in 10 minuti!

art. BPA 200
Rostrum for armouring of doors and Windows, for scuretti, shutters, doors, etc.