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ECOACCENDIFUOCO AF1971 made from extracts and BOTANICALS
Low odor liquid product of vegetable origin intended for lighting the fire of fireplaces, stoves, grills, ovens, torches, etc.  Without flashback: contains no alcohol, does not contain ethanol, contains no petroleum products (e.g. kerosene, paraffin, gasoline, naphtha, etc.).
Pack of 750 ML

Works even in difficult situations: poor ventilation, damp wood, etc.
The development of fire takes place gradually, without causing odours.
The liquid Burns slowly, without going off, to the point of exhaustion.

Is a revolutionary product because it is multi purpose:
  • Can be used as fuel in fireplaces without chimney instead of bioethanol, using the appropriate Wick rock wool (available in our store).
  • Is a non-flammable product that makes it safe to use and burning, but it's still a fuel and burns safely and efficiently.
  • It is a clean fuel, non-toxic and produces no embers or smoke or toxins and leaves no residue.
  • During combustion Burns oxygen emitting only water vapour and Co2 (ventilate the premises).
  • Sustainable, renewable, is a plant-derived fuel, totally environmentally friendly.
  • Is the fuel safer for the future of fireplaces without chimney.
  • Make sure you have a suitable burner type before using it by adding a piece of wool.
  • Is an alternative fuel safer and longer lasting than traditional bio ethanol (combustion is much slower). 1 litre of ecoaccendifuoco burns and warms up to four or five hours.
  • Is a decidedly non-flammable product having a flash point above, which allows safe use in contrast to bioethanol.
  • You can pour it safely on a flame lit and as a result the fire will go out!
  • Requires no special precautions for storage and is a great alternative to the bio ethanol.
  • It also works in the Zibro heaters type (only non electrical manuals) oil-derived fuel, but with lesser performance.
Appearance: liquid.
Odour: characteristic.
Ph: neutral.
CONTAINS: extracts and botanicals.

To turn on heaters, fireplaces, etc.:
Pour a bit of product on the ashes or crumple a piece of paper (newspaper page or napkin, etc.),
place it under the wood and moisten it well evenly with the product and turn on.
If the wood is too damp or too thick and will not switch on, pour a little lighter on paper while burning:
the product has backfiring and you can pour directly over the fire.

To light the charcoal:
Place the charcoal on the Brazier and moisten well, consistently.
Wait for 3 or 4 minutes until the liquid is absorbed by the charcoal, then turn on at several points.
After 20-30 minutes, when the flame is exhausted, you can proceed to cooking.

To keep clean the flues:
pour approximately 200 grams of product in a fireproof metal container,
place the container with the liquid under the chimney, pellet and then turn on a towel or a piece of paper and place it on the surface of the liquid.
Wait until it triggers the combustion and let burn until all of the liquid.
Make sure that the metal has sufficiently cooled before removing it.

For baking on stone:
Insert pieces of rock wool in a regular pot, pour the product into the pot, without covering the State of rock wool
and place it under the stone. Ignite with match or lighter. When the stone is temperature cooking.

As fuel in ethanol fireplaces:
place a piece of rock wool inside the Brazier, taking care to place it so as to fill it (leaving 0.5/10 MM from the closure of space). Pour the product into the appropriate amount to the Brazier used (usually 1 or 2 Litres).

Warnings (reg. CE 1272/2008 CLP)
Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly for several minutes.
Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do.
Continue rinsing. Product not to ingest.
Product is not considered dangerous by the European standards.