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We have carefully selected the most popular wall colors and prepared a varied colour palette that will meet your needs for change and improvement of the places you love.
Our colors are fresh and made to order, in the quantities you desire, thanks to our tinting service.
The color rendition is bewitching and the pigments used ensure exceptional stability to the effects of sunlight.
Our selection of fashionable tints 52 is divided to three families of tonality.

The Comfort (indicated by the letter A) consists of relaxing and welcoming colours, perfect to match colors with more contrast or decided the other two folders, or simply in conjunction with each other.
The Determination
(indicated by the letter B) consists of tints decided that express your personality. These shades enhance any environment where are applied by giving it new force. Even in contrast to the pastel shades of Comfort.
(indicated by the letter C) is the right choice for those who don't want to compromise. Consists of bright colors and intense.
A room decorated with these shades for sure will not go unnoticed, attracting the eye and seducing him in a riot of sensations. These colors are perfect in combination with the tints in the folders Comfort and Determination, to create your own unique style!

Do not turn off your House! Vivila, amala, color it and customize it to make it unique ... as unique as you!

We can make these fantastic colors even with the glaze and stain (water or solvent).
In this way you can decorate the furniture, doors, radiators, beams, beads or furnishings, they are of wood, metal or plastic, so that they pendant with walls and vice versa.

In this case the product used is as follows:

Water-repellent extratraspirante indoor high-coverage, based on acrylic resins and pigments, opaque,
specially formulated to give high colour rendering and cover any type of color.
Features high breathability, resistance to cleanliness and excellent anchorage.
Ideal for all rooms in the House, especially where the formation of steam.
Its excellent breathability reduces risk of mould formation, as the product leaves breathe the wall.
The product is moderately smacchiabile working with very delicate treatment.
The look full and Matt, excellent coverage and masking high power makes a product quickly applied,
that helps make surface imperfections less visible.
Its qualities make it ideal not only for use in BATHROOMS, KITCHENS and CEILINGS but is also perfect in all indoor areas of the House.

The product can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

The product should be diluted with water by reason of 40-45% by volume.
  • For 300 ML of water add about 0.75 LT
  • For Pack of LT 2.5 Add about 1 l of water
  • For Pack of 5 LT add about 2 liters of water
  • For Pack of LT 14 Add approximately 5.6 liters of water

Helpful Advice

In order to get a more even coverage of the product end up colored and not to give too many hands, for colored paints with Determination and folder colors especially Bold in color Yellow or Orange , are encouraged to apply in advance, if it already is, a base coat white or a lighter color like. Whereas for paintings of color Red, Green, Purple and Blue are encouraged to apply in advance, if it already is, a base coat color S 5500-N dust grey, or of a similar color clearer.
Ideal for this purpose can be the tints shown Comfort.

On new walls: we recommend a suitable background color you want to apply a coat of primer and preventive DUREVOLFIX
(available in our store), diluted 1 to 4 with water (one litre of fixative, four litres of water).
Wait the complete drying of Fixative.
Proceed to the dilution of the product as described above.

On walls already painted: remove any loose or flaking paint. Verify that the Fund is appropriate to the chosen color and then proceed
with a coat of DUREVOLFIXfixative, diluted 1 to 4 with water.
Wait the complete drying of Fixative.
Proceed to the dilution of the product as described above.

If the media looks chalky or highly absorbent, it is advisable to apply previously a coat of
1 to 4 DUREVOLFIXfixative, diluted with water.
Wait the complete drying of Fixative.
Proceed to the dilution of the product as described above.

The coverage is about 6/7 SQUARE METERS per litre with two hands.

Barattalo 0.75 LT: about 6 square meters of yield with 2 hands, ideal for a wide wall MT 3 MT height 2.
2.5 litre Tin: about 21 sqm with 2 hands, ideal for two walls of a classic 3 x 3 MT high, Room 3.
5 litre Tin: about 42 sqm with 2 hands, ideal for four walls of a classic 3 x 3 MT high, Room 3.
About 100/120 square meters of 14 liters can yield with 2 hands, for two rooms (including ceilings) and two 3 x 3 m, 3 walls high.

Shipments to all disadvantaged places such as Capri, Anacapri, Ischia, Elba, Lampedusa,
lagoon and small islands are subject to a surcharge on the cost of shipping requested by courier
by €20.00
. At the time of purchase, we will ask for it, please check in advance.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer for the purpose of
improve its quality. We will try to update them quickly, but this may not
be possible in the immediate future.