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weber.cemRN36020 KG

Idrofugato spur for plaster or concrete, smooth finish, white, for exteriors and interiors

  • Idrofugato
  • White, smooth finish
  • Great workability and ease of recovery
  • Excellent adhesion even on cement substrates
  • Breathable, applicable on plaster from rehabilitation

    YIELDS ABOUT 1.1 KG/sqm PER MM of thickness.

Fields of use

To refine traditional plasters or pre-mixed, both old and new, both external and internal, to even irregularities suelementi of frontage, cornices, concrete walls and ceilings, suedifici for residential, tertiary, commercial and industrial applications.
Being idrofugato confers protection to plaster, preventing and limiting the degradation due to weathering.


  • Traditional plaster or pre-mixed cement and lime-based, new or seasoned.
  • Cement plasters and seasoned.
  • Concrete (after cleaning).
  • Plasters from weber.sanconsolidation.
  • Particularly suitable as floors predalle finish.
  • Media in gypsum (plaster, plasterboard or paneling), provided you use weber. prim PF15 (apply a first coat of primer and after 24 hours the second hand. Within a maximum of 2/3 hours apply weber.cem RN360).

Do not apply on:

  • Plastic coatings, paintings or painted or non absorbent media.
  • Mounts with irregularities exceeding 3 mm.
  • Concrete with traces of disarming.
  • Unstable plaster or inconsistent and friable media.

Specification item

Traditional plaster finish or pre-mixed, both new and old both internal, external and levelling of irregular suelementi, cornices, concrete walls and ceilings with weber.cem RN360 of Weber, (according to UNI-EN 1504-2) applied in two or more passes on the same day, with consumption of 1.1 kg/sqm per mm edge width.
This white smooth finish shaving must avereresistenza at least 2 bending N/mm², grip for direttanon less than 0.7 N/mm² and also, being idrofugata, conferisceprotezione plaster, preventing and limiting the degradation due to atmospheric agliagenti.

Technical data

Maximum particle size: 0.1 mm <
The density of the hardened product: 1400 kg/m3
Bending strength at 28 days: > 2 N/mm²
Compressive strength at 28 days: ≥ 8 N/mm²
Coefficient of resistance to the passage of steam: <15 µ
Fire-resistant (EN 13501-1: 2002): class A1
Thermal conductivity (Val. table. EN 1745: 2002): λ = 0.40 W/mK
Permeability to CO2 (SD): > 50 m
Capillary absorption and water permeability: <0.1 kg/m² h0.5
Traction adhesion test: ≥ 0.7 N/mm²

Questivalori derived from laboratory testing in epotrebbero be appreciably affected environment
modified by messain work conditions.