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Model: GIALNF/6246
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Shipments to all disadvantaged places such as Capri, Anacapri, Ischia, Elba, Lampedusa,
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Bait insecticide in a tube with a net content GR 10 with titanium dispenser.
Quickly eliminate the entire colony!

Ready-to-use gel bait for the control of all the species of cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Blatta Orientalis, Suppella longipalpa, Polyphaga aegyptiaca). The gel, effective on cockroaches of all ages (both male and female), contains new generation, active substance Acetamiprid (belonging to the family of neonicotinoids) that acts by contact and ingestion on nerve transmission at the level post-synaptic. The product combines attractiveness, palatability and effectiveness insecticide. In particular:

  • Attractiveness-foodstuffs and additives contained in the gel attracts the insects up to a meter away.
  • Palatability-food substances contained in the gel stimulate the feeding process of the cockroaches, thereby taking lethal doses of the active substance.
  • Insecticidal Efficacy-testing practices have proven insect death comes after about a day of ingestion, while you get the Elimination of entire population of cockroaches after about 5 or 6 days after application.

After treatment, the product remains active for several weeks. The gel has a high grip, allowing the application even in the most difficult points.


Acetamiprid 1% protein gel.

Method of use
Apply a few drops of the product, about the size of a lentil, in all places of passage or shelter of cockroaches, as cracks, cracks in the walls, corners, baseboards, electrical boxes, water pipelines and in all the dark crevices, hot and humid, environmental conditions that favour their proliferation. Do not use on absorbent surfaces or subjected to frequent washing.

Application doses
1) preventive treatment or in the presence of the single German cockroach:

  • Kitchen or other places responsible for food preparation: 2/3 drops per sq.;
  • Bathroom or other hot or humid places: 2/3 drops per sq.;
  • Other rooms: 1/2 drops every 10/15 square meters;

2) disinfectant Treatment or if there is even the Blatta orientalis:

  • Kitchen or other places responsible for food preparation: 4/6 drops per sq.;
  • Bathroom or other hot or humid places: 2/4 drops per sq.;
  • Other rooms: 2/4 drops every 10/15 square meters;
the presence of cockroaches is not generally noted, because their shelters are hidden from view and just a minimal disturbance to make them flee in meandering protected. In spacious premises make their appearance at night, in the dark, to disappear as soon as you turn on a light. Prior to chemical treatment is therefore generally advisable to monitor the presence of insects
(and possibly identify the species).

Product specifications are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer for the purpose of
improve its quality. We will try to update them quickly, but this may not
be possible in the immediate future.