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Model: GIALNF/6246
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Tube bait insecticide NET GR 10 content with beccucio DOSER.
Delete the entire colony quickly!
Gel bait ready to use for the control of all species of cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Blatta Orientalis, Suppella, Polyphaga longipalpa aegyptiaca). The gel, effective on the cockroaches of all ages (both male and female), containing Acetamiprid, new generation of active substance (in the family of neonicotinoids) that acts by contact and ingestion on nerve transmission to post-synaptic level. The product combines attractiveness, palatability and efficacy insecticide. In particular:

  • Attractiveness-foodstuffs and additives contained in the gel attracts the insects up to a meter away.
  • Palatability-food substances contained in the gel stimulate the process of feeding cockroaches, so garantendoin taking lethal doses of active substance;
  • Insecticidal Efficacy-practical usage tests have shown that the Elimination of entire population of cockroaches after about 5 or 6 days from application.

The gel is stable and active for several weeks after application, it oozes, not cola, non-staining and not dry.

Terms of use
Apply drops of product, the size of a lentil, fissures in the wall cracks, on baseboards, electrical boxes, on water pipes and, more generally, in all the dark crevices, wet and warm where environmental conditions favour the proliferation of cockroaches. We recommend that you do not apply on superficipulite frequently. Repeat the application if necessary.

Application doses
1) preventive treatment or if there Blattella germanica alone:

  • Kitchen or other places responsible for food preparation: 2/3 drops per square metre;
  • Bath or warm or damp places: 2/3 drops per square metre;
  • Other environments: 1/2 drops every 10/15 SQ.M;

2) disinfectant Treatment or if there is even the Blatta orientalis:

  • Kitchen or other places responsible for food preparation: 4/6 drops per square metre;
  • Bath or warm or damp places: 2-4 drops per square metre;
  • Other rooms: 2/4 drops every 10/15 SQ.M;