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SANIDRY Tray catch SAFE humidity isideal to restrict moisture preventing odors, stains and mildew and keep the air clean for their own health. SANIDRYattira and captures moisture in the air through the breathable membrane that allows the absorption of water vapor.

Mix contained in SANIDRY Tray turns moisture into drops, capturing irreversibly and secure within the semi-rigid plastic tray.
SANIDRY Tray is the most sure moisture absorber on the market because, thanks to the closed tray from breathable membrane allows moisture absorption and is theONLY ONE that DOES NOT RELEASE the LIQUID contained within, even in case of accidental tipping of the pan.

Thanks to its operation, which does not involve the use of electricity, as it does for traditional dehumidifiers, saves money and can be placed anywhere without problems!
SANIDRY solves problems of moisture in: car, boat, camper, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even in the tavern, in the garage, in the second House.

The Sanidry size Tray are 15 x 22 x H 3 cm. The net weight is approx. 250 GR.

Sanidry Tray is an environmentally friendly product that respects the environment.

Sanidry Tray is charging the Sanidry traditional Formula, Sanidry with shell, which is available in our store, but it can also be used alone, so no shell, just by placing the bowl inside of the cabinets or in enclosed spaces.