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Universal oil tested and unique! To maintain their original appearance, metal, wood, leather, rubber, plastic, leather, animal hair and much more.
Ideal for crafts, industry, agriculture, home, gardening, cars, fishing, hunting and shooting weapons.

The only completely non-toxic and water soluble spray.
Great with small cuts and abrasions, both for humans and animals.

Also great for electrical contacts.

BALLISTOL in sprayda 200 ML canister. Non-fluorocarbon Spraynaturalmente, chlorides and other sostanzenocive hydrocarbons in the environment. BALLISTOL is biodegradable.Particular concerning lubricant oil who respects nature!

  • For cars, tractors and work Vehicles: BALLISTOL polishes and protects from rust bumpers and chrome parts. Great for blocked locks and hinges squeaking, prevents it from freezing in the winter the locks of the doors. It is ideal to clean the body from fouling dl gnats without scratch.

  • For vessels: cleans, polishes and protects perfectly marine teak wood, nautical, chrome steel and plexiglass. For the leather: BALLISTOL softens and makes it supple hide type needles dry and chapped. Protects it from water and from the mold, making it waterproof and Iustro. ldeale for boots, saddles, bridles and harness.

  • For the home: BALLISTOL and ideal for the locks and door hinges. If sprayed on sewing machines, bicycles and motorbikes cleans and protects against rust. On doors and cabinets regenerates the natural wood and gives a particular shine. Makes Iucide pewter surfaces.

  • For the Garden: it is suitable for garden tools, mowers, scissors, hose reels carts, etc.

  • For the dairy industry and crafts; BALLISTOL and suitable for the maintenance of machinery and equipment of all types. For workshop equipment, tools and precision balances and loosen rusted bolts. If used on metal surfaces particularly delicate, neutralises hand sweat and protects from rust and corrosion.

  • For cycles and motorcycles: BALLISTOL and excellent for all chrome parts, cleaning the motor and to lubricate the throttle knob.

  • Catering: perfectly cleans stainless steel surfaces. Creates an invisible coating that prevents the release of grease and fingerprints. If sprayed on sinks and on steel kitchen hoods guaranteeing a permanent shine.

  • For animals: BALLISTOL is softening the ears and paws. In the case of minor injuries caused by insect bites, thorns, sharp splinters and weeds, after first-aid treatment Ie acts as an adjuvant and accelerates healing Ai. Great for softening and Iucidare the coat, tails and Manes of the horses.

  • For fishing: BALLISTOL is effective for waterproofing and lubricate fishing reels and fishing rods parts. Hydraulic Liquid Disgorgante: restores the pipes of sinks freeing them from limestone and dirt. boiler pipes them free from fouling, fillings and rusts.

  • For the foliage: BALLISTOL acts as a repellent, foliar dressing that restores and protects leaves and plants of all kinds.

BALLISTOL All-purpose-and environmentally conscious

From 1905, the first being BALLISTOL Lube for alkaline, weapons used with enthusiasm not only for the care of weapons, but has also become indispensable in crafts, industry, at home and on the premises for your hobbies.
BALLISTOL, being a special lubricating oil, combining high quality cleaning, rust protection, sliding and disinfection activities. BALLISTOL is also completely free from resin and acid. Therefore has a reputation almost legendary worldwide. No other lubricating oil and so multipurpose. On metallic surfaces BALLISTOL (iron, steel, nickel, chromium) cleans and at the same time preserves. Thanks to its alkalinity reduces transmission of oxygen causing rust, protects against rust, weak acids and neutralizes due to lower surface tension is able to squeeze into very fine cracks and hidden corners.

BALLISTOL is produced from precious substances pharmaceutical purity and respecting strict hygiene rules. All agents are substances natural products or are present in natural product compounds in biological cycle are completely biodegradable. Non-volatile substances containing oil and BALLISTOL BALLISTOL-Spray are the Decree on additional admission Act, food. It is therefore suitable for use in the food and beverage industry for the care and maintenance of the parts in contact with the products. Even accidentally consumption is not harmful to health.

BALLISTOL gun care
Cleaned with a combing waste or a felt Cap BALLISTOL impregnated the barrel and cartridge bearing. According to the degree of soiling repeat several times. Instilled or sprizzate individual parts and warehousing and dry with a tissue that is not free. If there are traces of metal in the barrel generously BALLISTOL use. Clean after a combing waste or dry felt CAP and pull it from the cartridge bearing in the direction of your mouth.If you intend to deposit the weapon for a long time, allow it to BALLISTOL blanket. In this case, however, cleaned with a dry cloth before using the weapon next time! Thin layer of clean BALLISTOL the outer parts of the weapon. Do not apply too violently, as this leads to mechanical abrasion of bluing: BALLISTOL care and preserves your weapon, maintains the sliding mechanism and eliminates residues of bullets in the barrel. Applied thickly, BALLISTOL, after a while, a white film form similar to petroleum jelly that simultaneously protects against corrosion and keeps sliding moving parts. This film has nothing to do with resinous residues! Combustion residues are chemically neutralized acids and rendered harmless. This is possible only with an alkali such as BALLISTOL Lube!

BALLISTOL for fishing
Preserves hooks, hooks for flies, bait needles, spring steel wire. BALLISTOL keeps in good condition the rollers sliding.

BALLISTOL craft and industry
In the automotive sector for the treatment of chromium, to unfasten screws locked, blocked locks and hinges against jarring. Care of plastics and rubbers are resistant to lubricating oil. In winter protection from freezing of locks. Neutralizes battery acid or sweat of the hands. Fine mechanics to protect metal surfaces polished, budget care and precision equipment parts sensitive purposes. For the conservation and maintenance of measuring instruments.  Beverage industry estimated for servicing are plants of breweries and other drink factories. In butcher shops for manufacturing plants and trimming. In the machinery industries for storage and care of high quality machines.

BALLISTOL for your home and garden

Against frozen locks, door hinge jarring, for the care of gardening tools such as grass-cutter, scissors, hose carts and so on. For bicycles, motorbikes, sewing machines or write. BALLISTOL care doors, cabinets, tables and chairs: natural wood is regenerated, water stains are removed, the wood in original condition with matte silk glow. Dry skin and cracked back soft stretchy BALLISTOL protects it from water and rotting skin smooth and gives a silky luster. Ideal for boots, saddles, bridles, and strings. With BALLISTOL can also cure suede that lost its natural roughness.