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Model: GIALNF/6232
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Shipments to all disadvantaged places such as Capri, Anacapri, Ischia, Elba, Lampedusa, lagoon and small islands are subject to a surcharge on the cost of shipping requested by corriere di €20.00. At the time of purchase, we will ask for it, please check in advance.

Emulsifiable liquid against all flying insects and crawling.
Ideal for disinfestation.


Available in different sizes can be selected from the drop-down menu.


Permethrin (cis/trans 25/75) 6.0%; Cypermethrin (cis/trans 40/60) 4.0%; Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) 22.0%.

Emulsifiable liquid insecticide that acts for contact against a large number of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, wasps, wasps, bed bugs etc.) and creeping arthropods (ants, roaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, Earwigs, silverfish etc.). In addition to elimination and knock down, its good residual ensures long term of protection. The formulation is characterised by its high content of PBO (22%), an antioxidant that assists and synergizes the active ingredients (see deepening); the presence of solvents with low toxicity and low environmental impact; the high stability of the emulsion ready for use, which ensures more uniform distribution. Bado concentrated insecticide that is mentioned in the disinfection of private homes, public places and rural areas (stables, pigsties, chicken coops, Kennels). Recommended for use even in areas where the presence of stagnant water, such as manholes and saucers, promotes spawning and the development of mosquito larvae.

Method of use
Dissolve in a little water and the dosage regimen, always waving, make up the volume required. Apply with sprayer, sprayer knapsack pump or other suitable. Do not spray in the air, but only on the surface you want to clean or protect, with particular attention to all the places where bugs can lurk (corners, crevices, cracks, crevices, cracks, etc.). Come back to stay in the spaces treated only after the total solution and drying, indoors, after adequate ventilation. It is recommended to use the highest doses in case of severe infestation and dirty or porous surfaces.

Private, public and rural Environments typically, warehouses and food processing facilities, both indoors and outdoors.
Dose: 25-30 ml. per liter of water (2.5%)-3.0 solution to 10 square meters.

Animal Shelters, both from ill health (i.e. kennels) and income (e.g. stables, pigsties, chicken coops).
Dose: 25-30 ml. per liter of water (2.5%)-3.0 solution to 10 square meters.

Waste collection Bins and places where there is standing water (e.g. manhole covers, saucers), notoriously environments ideal for oviposition and development of insect larvae.
Dose: 25-30 ml. per liter of water (2.5%)-3.0 solution.

Public and private Green ornamental (street trees, roads, trees, bushes, hedges, ornamental lawns) against adults of the mosquitos (mosquito Tiger and other species).
Dose: 2.0-3.0 ml. per liter of water (0.2%)-0.3 solution. Drizzle with care the vegetation.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer for the purpose of
improve its quality. We will try to update them quickly, but this may not
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